In this age in which we change cities, adding new chapters to our lives, there is nothing quite like “Old Friends”. You know the type–the people you’ve created memories with over a number of years; ones you are instantly happy to see; the rare souls you reconnect with no matter how long it’s been since you hugged; the folks you trust and love and share your secret longings and dreams with.

April 18th through 21st, I reunited with two such friends in Buffalo Gap, Texas for the Texas Wine and Food Summit. Chef Stephan Pyles, the father of Texas southwest cuisine and owner/chef of Dallas’ hottest restaurant, Stampede 66, (amongst others), and Chef Katherine Clapner, pastry queen extraordinaire and owner of the wildly successful “Dude, Sweet Chocolate” stores in Dallas, and I spent the weekend preparing foods for literally hundreds of people, eating Tom Perini’s delicious Texas ranch cuisine, dancing under the stars, live oaks and moon, and catching up as if we’d never been apart. Being with dear friends in which you share histories is definitely one of life’s true joys. Don’t you know someone you should call or email? It’s always a good time to reconnect.

Sally Uhlmann, Chef Stephan Pyles & Chef Katherine Clapner