Last year, the Coronavirus changed the way that many people live their lives. The Wall Street Journal produced an article that highlighted how wealthy city dwellers are seeking refuge from the Coronavirus and moving to remote ranches around the country, specifically Montana.


From the Wall Street Journal Article:

Jim Taylor, 74, a principal director of Hall and Hall, a ranch brokerage firm, and his wife, Anne Kent Taylor, 72, who has a travel consultancy, have been hunkered down since late March at their 5,000-square-foot vacation home at Sun West, a 2,000-acre ranch community on the Madison River near Ennis, Mont.

The Taylors, who live year-round in Billings, built the Sun West home for about $2 million in 2008. The ranch community on the Madison River has 21 families and few shared facilities.

“When you’re in town, you’re stuck in a house – you can basically walk up and down the street and that’s it. We’ve got our horses here and 2,000 acres to walk around on and ride on – it just seemed like the place to be,” Mr. Taylor said.

Soon after their arrival, the couple learned that their 45-year-old daughter, who Ms. Taylor had just visited in Chicago, had been diagnosed with Covid-19. The Taylors voluntarily quarantined themselves in their 5,000-square-foot home for 14 days, although they continued to hike and horseback ride. (Neither developed symptoms.)

“Nobody is having anybody over for dinner or anything like that – we are very strict with ourselves,” said Mr. Taylor. And while the local medical facility is “excellent to a point,” he said “I would likely get airlifted to Billings if it got bad.”


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