Big Sky Resort and Bridger Bowl Ski 2020-21 Season Updates 

The season that many Montanans have been waiting for is almost upon us. Opening ski day for Big Sky Resort and Bridger Bowl are just around the corner and this season may look a little different this yearWhile following social distancing regulations, and also creating an enjoyable season for individuals, Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Resort have implemented a few new guidelines in order to keep everyone safe.  

Big Sky Resort.  

Consisting of approximately 5,850 acres of skiable terrain, Big Sky Resort is one of the favorites among Bozeman and Big Sky residents. With the abundance of terrain, Big Sky offers more than an acre per skier on average. Because of the unforeseeable future, nothing is set in stone, but Big Sky Resort has developed a system in order to work with their passholders and ticket holders in case of a pandemic related shut down. Season passes and lift tickets are for sale with the projected opening date to be November 26th, the perfect way to spend your Thanksgiving Day 

Season Passholders. If you are a season passholder at Big Sky Resort, you are able to access the mountain any day that your pass is valid. Big Sky will be monitoring the number of passes sold, so get yours before it’s too late. With the season pass, riders are provided with “Worry Free Winter Assurance.” This policy will provide a credit towards riders for the 2021-22 season if the resort is in operation for less than 140 days. For any reason, through December 10th, 2020, riders will have the option to roll over their unused 2020-21 pass as a credit towards the 2021-22 season at no cost and no questions asked 

Ikon Passholders. If you decide to not go the season passholder route, you can opt for the Ikon Passholder option. With this alternative, you are able to ski when your pass permits access. In addition, you must use the Ikon reservation system, which you can find here. Unfortunately, with this option you may be subjected to limited numbers during specific days, so again, make sure you plan in advance 

Mountain Collective Passholders. The third option for Big Sky Resort passes is the Mountain Collective. Similar to the Ikon Passholders, you will be able to access the mountain when your pass permits and on certain days, you may be limited to the number of reservations for Mountain Collective passholders. This passholder may be required to make a reservation before their visit to the mountain.  

Lift Ticket Holders. The final option for Big Sky Resort skiing is Lift Ticket Holders. These riders will be able to purchase their desired days of skiing, with no anticipated restrictions. These tickets will go quickly, so make sure that you are purchasing the days that you would like online and before the start of the season to ensure access to the mountain when you want.   

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Bridger Bowl. 

Bridger Bowl is the choice for many! Families, new comers, and college kids tend to opt for Bridger Bowl as it is located only 25-minutes from Downtown Bozeman. Similar to Big Sky Resort, Bridger Bowl has a reservation system in place for the 2020-21season. Bridger Bowl is projected to open on December 4th, but this could be sooner or later, weather permitting.  

If for some reason, due to the pandemic, Bridger Bowl is unable to open for the season, Bridger Bowl will offer a prorated credit toward the 2021-22 season. As mentioned above, Bridger is also implementing a “Reservation Required” protocol. These reservations will be open online as far as three days out. Once available, you will be able to make your reservation here 

Prior to February 1st, if Bridger Bowl has to close due to the pandemic, riders will be given a 45% credit that they are able to apply to their passes for the 2021-22 season. Because of the reservation protocol, there will be a limited number allowed on the mountain at one time. With the newest scanners at Bridger, they are able to track when a rider is a no show. After your first and second no show, you will be given a friendly reminder to cancel your reservation if you are unable to make it for the day. After your third no show, this day will count as a ski day (even if you didn’t make it to the mountain) and will contribute to any credit that you may have received for the 2021-22 season. Please, make sure to cancel if you are unable to make it to the mountain for any reason so that someone else is able treserve that spot 

Calculated from the previous year’s averages, 80% of capacity on the mountain will be reserved for season passholders. The other 20% will be reserved, and split between ticket holders and local groups.  

Unfortunately, lockers will not be available for seasonal holders this year. In addition, the scheduled weekend bus service that runs from Bozeman to the mountain has been canceled for this season. 

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Although this season may be different than past seasons, both Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Resort are doing everything that they can to make this season enjoyable for all riders while following and maintaining social distancing and CDC Guidelines. We wish you a very happy and safe season!