Just Cook with Sally 

A beloved former partner and co-owner at Platinum Properties retired from the real estate world September of 2019 and has gone on to create one of the most thought out and compelling cook books. “Just Cook with Sally” is a love letter to her late husband Robert, her friends and family, and America. This cookbook is part memoir, with more than 270 time-tested recipes. Not only does this almost 300-page cookbook have mouthwatering recipes, but it is filled with personal tips, tricks, and techniques that she has discovered along the way.  

Background. Sally has lived all over the country and overseas, considering herself a “Citizen of the World. She grew up in California in the San Francisco Bay area before moving to Ohio, Ibiza, Beirut, Colorado Springs, Kansas City, Bozeman, Denver, and Amsterdam. She is an adventurer, business owner and operator, designer, and gardener, with a love for her family and food.  

Platinum Properties. After 14 successful years as one of the top luxury real estate agents in Bozeman, Sally began her new adventure as “Citizen of the World. Sally is certainly missed by her former partner in real estate, Mike Schlauch, as well as Bozeman associates Valerie Johnson, Torrey Benson, Brett Evje, Kelley Schlauch and Cary Fox. Sally’s imprint on Platinum Properties and the Bozeman luxury real estate scene will not soon be forgotten.  

Just Cook with Sally. Sally’s stunning cookbook has recipes that will please anyone. From Cinnamon Rolls, Baba Ghanoush, and Lamb in Phyllo for a Crowd to Montana Pea Soup, Italian Inspired Mushrooms, and Chocolate-Chocolate-Chip Cookies. Between the abundance of choices, you are sure to find something that you will love.  

As a current resident bouncing between Amsterdam and Italy, Sally has had the opportunity to experience and explore some of the most amazing foods in the world. Many years prior to the publication of her cookbook, Sally began compiling recipes with this cookbook in mind. From her most requested recipes to the treasured family recipes, she was sure to include the best. 

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