Define, Divest, Declutter


It creeps up on you, without you even acknowledging that it is happening, much like the poor frog in the pot of once-cold water slowly coming to a boil. Stuff. And more stuff. Knick-knacks, treasures from long ago trips, clothes unworn for years, shoes that no longer fit, and outdated furnishing that give your home…

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Metaphysical Bozeman Swan

Swan Bozeman

This morning my lake had a new visitor. A swan, with a small flock of ducks swimming close by. I immediately wished Dearest Robert was here as he would be so excited, grabbing a real camera, sending the shot to Whitney Tilt to discuss which species of swan has come for a visit. Swans generally…

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Montana Moose!

Montana Moose 1

There were more than just Buyers viewing 849 Kelly Creek today! The alpine-setting, 4-bedroom family lodge, is home to some gorgeous, healthy, happy moose. Make an appointment and we’ll be happy to show you.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for a New Bozemanite


Has someone you know recently moved to Bozeman? Wondering what to give them this Holiday Season? Here are suggestions from Mike, Sally, and Torrey at SU Platinum Properties. 1. Every local needs a $35 Lifetime Membership to the Community Co-Op with its 2 handy locations on Main Street and its shelves brimming with organic goodness.…

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Manners are Always in Fashion

Good Manners | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

“Fashion Week” has been bouncing from one hot spot to another this past month: New York, Paris, London, now Milan. I drool over some of the clothing, and wonder “Who’d ever wear that?” as I view shots of skinny models in outlandish costumes. Meanwhile, I’m preparing for a long-planned trip to Italy and wondering what…

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Tidbit: Bald Eagles at Black Bull

Bald Eagle at Black Bull | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

There are so many reasons Bozeman is a special community. Less than a week ago, a sudden Spring storm hit us hard with over a foot of heavy, wet snow in places (including my property). The snow took out tree limbs, mangled flowers, and left the Valley carpeted in white. Now, it has melted and…

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National Geographic and Yellowstone National Park

Sunrise, Upper Terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs

Those of us fortunate enough to call Bozeman home appreciate that our backyard includes Yellowstone National Park. 2016 marks the 100th Anniversary of America’s National Parks, and with Yellowstone being not only the first U.S. National Park but also the first in the world (what a concept! National Parks! Leave it to America to originate…

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer seems to screech to an end with the first day of school, or Labor Day, whichever comes first. I won’t confess how many years it’s been since I last claimed my desk in a grammar or middle school classroom. As this school year gets back in swing, I wonder if the classic, back-to-school, writing…

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What a Lark!

The hippest, most happening place in Downtown Bozeman this summer just happens to be a hotel aptly named “The Lark.” Schlauch Uhlmann Platinum Properties’ clients are loving their stays in one of the 38 available rooms outfitted with local art, a modern take on the 60s era, and a Vintage Spartan Airstream Trailer permanently installed…

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Our Dearest Nancy.

Nancy Palmer | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

It is with a heavy heart that I share with friends, colleagues, and clients the passing of Nancy Palmer last night due to the evil disease of cancer. Nancy was at home, surrounded by her father, sister, and both brothers. She died in her sleep, circled with love, her life cut way too short. For…

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