2015 has been an exciting year in the Bozeman real estate market. The number of closed transactions for single family homes in all price points has increased just over 10% from 2014, with 1,130 recorded closings in 2015. Meanwhile, the $494,558,792 volume of sales is up 22% over 2014. The median sold price for homes in Bozeman Areas 1 & 2 is now $350,000.

Real estate is a vital part of Bozeman’s economy. One of the factors driving Bozeman’s robust market is the ability for existing residents to purchase their first home or “trade up” due to Bozeman’s economic stability and the continuation of low mortgage rates. Today’s growth is being driven more and more by Bozeman residents rather than out of state buyers.

Schlauch Uhlmann Platinum Properties specializes in homes priced $500,000 and above in MLS Areas 1 & 2. This report focuses on the 250 homes sold at $500,000 and above in 2015 and the 169 homes currently listed, as well as the 55 parcels of vacant single-family land of 5-plus acres sold, and the 128 parcels listed.

This marks our 3rd year of preparing a year-end report. We’re excited to share it with you! Flip below or download here.