Matthew Kosinski, online editor for, wrote a great piece based on the information provided by, on best places for telecommuting. Montana, and Bozeman specifically, have been often referred to as “the best place for tech start-ups” because of all the technology companies based here and the numbers of telecommuters.

In 2011, Christina Desmarias, writer for, reports that Gallatin Valley offers the best environment for the growth of tech start-ups. Find her post here:’s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America lists Montana’s 7 companies here:

Grant Davis, tech & money editor for Entrepreneur Magazine, recently wrote a lovely piece about Bozeman’s technology based companies, specifically Oracle and RightNow Technologies, and their growth in our area. “How One Deal Transformed Bozeman Into a Startup City with Global Aspirations”

We could go on and on with articles and stories about successful tech business in Bozeman. If you want to learn more, give us a call!

Here’s the list of the Top 10 States for Telecommuters:

  1. Montana – 7.1 percent of the workforce telecommutes full time
  2. Vermont – 7.1 percent
  3. Colorado – 6.5 percent
  4. Oregon – 6.4 percent
  5. Idaho – 6.2 percent
  6. New Hampshire – 6.0 percent
  7. Arizona – 5.7 percent
  8. South Dakota – 5.5 percent
  9. Utah – 5.5 percent
  10. Washington – 5.5 percent

Infographic: Full-Time Telecommuters in All 50 States

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