You’ve got to love guys who care about what they wear, and I’m a lucky gal. My Dearest never shops for himself, but is quite happy to find new items in his closet that I have deemed necessary. He invariably asks my opinion on his attire prior to any social engagement. My brother Rob, on the other hand, loves to do his own shopping and seeks understated sophistication.

Brother Rob, part owner of both Black Bull Golf Community, and PureWest | Christie’s, flew into Bozeman recently for the grand opening of the new PureWest | Christie’s offices. Later that evening, the 3 of us enjoyed a thrown-together dinner at my house. I commented on how nice both of their shirts looked. A discussion sprang up in which Rob stated the coolest shirts are no longer about logos on the pockets but rather the fabrics on the insides of the cuffs and collars. Next thing I knew, they both rolled up their sleeves, nodded at each other, smiled, and gave each other the High Five. Same Italian shirt maker!
I guess I am safe to say: Like sister, like brother when it comes to shirt shopping. What’s your cuff look like?