I am frequently asked why I choose to work from my home office rather than going into the PureWest Christie’s offices on Main Street. The new PureWest offices are arguably the nicest real estate offices in Bozeman, and my partner Mike Schlauch has spacious, impressive private office with picture windows. However, as the old saying goes, “There’s no place like home.”

When architect Van Bryan and I were designing my home back in 2006, my office was of utmost concern. I wanted the feeling of being in a tree house. I work best uninterrupted by people while being able to enjoy nature.

I love to gaze into the distance and watch clouds assemble into shapes of mythological creatures or sand hill cranes wing across the skies while squawking a prehistoric tune. The play of light and sun on the Bridger mountains delights me any time of day, but especially at sunset when the reflected colors deepen into vibrant jewels.

I work odd hours. The evening stars keep me company many a night when I work on a client brochure. I cycle in and out of my office at will without anyone raising their eyebrows or questioning what I am doing. Most of all, though, is the fact that my home office is home. Van Bryan designed the space exactly right for me and my methodology of work. I am at ease in my office, incredibly productive, and continually happy with the environment. It is, to me, perfection. Here then, is what I consider to be the ideal work space for me.

Mike Schlauch & Sally Uhlmann