Game 7 of the Worlds Series takes place in Kansas City this evening, and who knows how it will turn out. As former Kansas Citians, you probably know how Dearest and I rooting. For me, this series marks the first time I’ve ever watched a professional sporting event, and, I finally understand how folks get wrapped up with a team and a game. What fun! Especially when your team is winning.

We have a long history with the Royals. Dearest’s family company had tremendous box seats at the stadium, and Dearest often attended games with his children and friends. We also lived next door to Ewing Kauffman, who was the first owner of the team. Every Halloween, kids from miles away lined up at his door to receive Royals memorabilia as treats.

Then, there was the time I dated George Brett, prior to meeting Dearest. George and I were both listed as the most eligible singles in Kansas City, and he called me up and asked me for drinks. What a handsome guy! And quite a gentleman. I enjoyed the date but explained to him that we had no future as he was all about baseball and I had never watched a single game and had no intentions of ever doing so. A few years later, Dearest and I lived on the same block as George and his gorgeous wife Leslie. One day, while walking with my youngest Sam, George was outside teaching one of his son’s how to throw a baseball. George and I hugged, then he had Sam join in while he coached the boys.

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Kansas City has been in the throes of Royals’ fever for a few weeks now. Daughter Anya and her wonderful husband Ryan are big fans. Two Fridays ago, Anya texted me a photo of her, Ryan, friends of theirs, and Royals’ Wade Davis, Jason Vargas, Mike Moustakas, and wives at Kansas City restaurant Bluestem. They had yet to become superstars, and were delighted that Anya, Ryan, and friends made a big fuss over them.

Last night, Anya and Ryan scored unbelievable seats, between home plate and 1st base, 20 rows up from the field. Anya said the energy in that stadium was something to “feel” as it soared. As did the Royals.

I will never pooh-pooh sports fans and games again. Somethings in life take a while to take shape and reach comprehension.