Mid May, 2014, and I was once again reminded that there are few things more wonderful and meaningful than girlfriends and Spring. I held my annual women-only daffodil party, only this time rather than just honoring daffodils, this get together focused on my dear friend Marcie Cecil. She made the journey to Bozeman after visiting her two sons, daughters-in-love and grandchildren in Denver for Mother’s Day. Over the 35 year we’ve been together, Marcie and I have experienced the best of times and the most challenging of times. She lives now in La Jolla, and is the embodiment of “spirituality.” I introduced her to some “new” friends of mine here in Bozeman, some I’ve known a decade, and others I’ve met only this year. Marcie is now establishing her own friendships with a few of these women. Before Facebook, we had to actually spend time together to be “friends” and some of those times required soul searching, adjusting, laughing, and just letting it be. Marcie and I have traveled together, been in business together, shared many a meal, worried about life and our future, struggled through ill health and our future, and have come to this glorious time when seeing and being together reminds us both of how special this life is. We are blessed.

I love my true girlfriends. Each is dear, unique, and special.