I’ve been spending the last month with photographer Gordon Wiltsie, photographing various property listings of mine. Traveling the countryside and delving into the architecture of homes has as given me a new appreciation for the beauty surrounding us here in Bozeman. I am excited to share his photos with you, and of course to urge you to visit his website www.alpenimage.com

Kathmandu, Nepal yogi

Elephant Seal & Young King

Tobacco Root Mountains

It’s definitely spring in Bozeman, which means unpredictable weather, emerald green grass, streets filled with folks jogging or riding their bikes, and our world-renown ever-changing skies. Husband Robert notes which birds have returned for the season–he has bird feeders strategically set up throughout the yard. We now have hummingbirds, blue birds, finches, and bats at night. We keep waiting for ducklings on our ponds. I, meanwhile, note which friends have cycled back to town, after spending the winter and early spring in Atlanta, Florida, Texas, and other such places. Those quaint sayings like, “Birds of a feather…” have roots.

As I write, another thunderstorm passes over. The last of my tulips are shattering from the combination of rains, wind, hail, intermixed with glorious sun. Peony bushes are fat with buds, and the potatoes and other edibles are poking up in the vegetable garden beds. We’ve enjoyed our first rhubarb, radishes, arugula, asparagus, and spinach. Hearty stuff…like the people who call this home year-round. Montana demonstrates on a regular basis how little power people have compared to the whims of nature. The rewards, after a long winter, are beyond compare. There is nothing more awesome than a Montana sunset or sunrise, watching a baby black bear cavorting in a meadow with its mom (which I enjoyed a few weeks ago from the deck of a home I have listed on the appropriately named Bear Claw Road), seeing trout arch up from cold waters to snag a Mayfly, or a bald eagle protecting its enormous reedy nest high in a cottonwood tree. If you have yet to visit Bozeman, you have yet to experience paradise on earth, even with thunderstorms!