On Tuesday, October 16th, the second Presidential Debate was not the only thing happening in Bozeman! I spoke that night to approximately 100 women gathered at the Baxter Ballroom for the Business & Professional Women Celebration. It is the first time in at least 20 years that I’ve spoken before such a crowd, and I admit I was nervous. What could I possible say to such a group of dedicated, hard working, engaged women? I concentrated on the importance of being passionate in all aspects of your life—loving your work, your significant other, family, friends and community, and the importance of attitude. I told small parts of my own life story, beginning with the founding of Salaminder, when all I had to my name was an infant daughter, a cheap rental house (no car!), 12 yards of muslin fabric, a sewing machine, and a goal. I reached my goal of selling Salaminder at age 40—what a wonderful country we live in! If you dream, plan, have goals, and are willing to work hard/smart, and take risks, it is not only possible, but likely, you will succeed.

The Bozeman Business & Professional Women Organization www.bozemanbpw.org is an excellent means for all working women to network, meet new friends, and find creative ideas on how to grow careers and companies. I am indebted to E.J.Porth for inviting me to speak and introducing me to this fine group of women. And I relished seeing great friends like Bridget Cavanaugh (what a gal!). Yet another reason to celebrate this community!