Blessing appear at odd moments. When touring properties with folks considering moving to Bozeman, I mention that along with Bozeman’s outdoors and lifestyle, it is the people who choose to be here (either full or part-time) that make this place so special.

My dear Dad passed away a few days before Thanksgiving and so I found myself the night before Thanksgiving flying back home to Bozeman after being with family in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was exhausted and emotionally drained, not in the best condition to cope with my connecting flight from Denver to Bozeman being diverted to Billings. 8 PM, Billings, and the airline saying they had no idea when they’d fly the plane to Bozeman– certainly not that night. I turned to the man seated beside me and asked, “Do you want to rent a car and drive together to Bozeman?” He replied, ” I just arranged to rent a car, I’m traveling with someone, and you are welcome to join us.”

Turns out Anne and Neil have a cabin off Jackson Creek that requires 4 wheel drive to navigate. They live in Washington, D.C. and store their car at the Bozeman Airport. Billings had no 4 wheel vehicles for rental. Neil, an astronomer, drives fast and sure, getting us over a near white-out on the Bozeman Pass. Rather than having my Dearest
meet us at a Bozeman exit so Neil and Anne wouldn’t be required to go out of their way, they insisted on driving me home–a minimum half hour delay for them, with treacherous roads. I was chauffeured home just after 11 PM.

Anne and Neil are guardian angels, demonstrating that random acts of kindness have true meaning. I am grateful my flight was diverted as I have new friends– ones who have proven they are folks you can depend on when the going is rough, and ones who reminded me the true meaning of thanksgiving.

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