The first property I ever listed as a real estate agent is now, finally, years later, solidly under contract. The property is so unique that it is a “difficult” property to market, especially in Bozeman’s limited luxury field. The Sellers retained me as Listing Agent through the real estate and economic downturn. They understood I was working hard and smart against the odds. They easily could have not extended the listing and gone with another agent thinking that would bring about a contract. Instead, over the years, they trusted me and worked with me. We operated as a team. Now, we are under contract. Very few properties in Bozeman have sold in the time we’ve been together, and a quick analysis of those sold shows that both of us gained by loyalty.

Loyalty in real estate is increasingly rare. Loyalty implies many admirable attributes, but it does not insist on blind faith. Rather it is a relationship in which both parties nurture and help each other and stay the course. I applaud loyalty and integrity, and suspect you do too. And, in cases like this, loyalty has paid off.