Reason Number One…at least today…for living in Bozeman is the honesty, integrity, and goodness of this community. My Dearest gave me a diamond pendant for Christmas. Today I happily wore it to my office.  I arrived home without the it. Gone, baby, gone. I cried. I texted my partner Mike to please check the office and his truck, then I threw up. Dearest asked, ” Besides the office, and the client meeting with Mike, where else did you go today?” The list was short– Movie Lovers and the Community Co-Op. He said, “Call them.” I looked at him like he was nuts. Who is going to find a diamond necklace and give it back? Susie ( sweet angel) at Community Co-Op immediately said, “Yes, I have your necklace. It was found in the aisle of bulk foods.” Yep, I eat quinoa and was bagging it up when the necklace clasp broke. OMG.  Where else do you know that something so precious is lost but immediately found and returned? Talk about great!!! This is what Bozeman is all about. And the Community Co-Op. And Susie. People here are still the essence of good.


Bozeman Montana