516 South Tracy
Bozeman, MT 59715

Website: http://lo.bsd7.org/

Longfellow School Vision/Mission Statement

Longfellow School promotes educational excellence and social responsibility through a caring, student centered environment that values the diverse needs of all children. Students are challenged to become lifelong learners through the collaborative efforts of all members of the Longfellow community.

We cultivate educational excellence through:

  • literacy focus
  • creative expression
  • scientific thinking

We encourage social responsibility through:

  • personal responsibility
  • parental involvement
  • community awareness

We value the diverse needs of children through:

  • recognizing learners as individuals
  • celebrating strengths and talents
  • providing challenging opportunities and activities

Core Ideology of the Bozeman Public School District

Core Ideology describes a school district’s consistent identity that transcends all changes related to its relevant environment. It consists of two elements: 1) Core Purpose – the school district’s reason for being; and 2) Core Values – essential and enduring principles that guide a school district.

Core Purpose of the Bozeman Public School District:

Bozeman Public Schools exist to provide an outstanding education that inspires and ensures high achievement so every student can succeed and make a difference in a rapidly changing world community.

Core Values of the Bozeman Public School District:

  • High Student Achievement: We are committed to ensuring that all students achieve at high levels.
  • Committed, Quality Staff: We employ and retain well qualified and talented staff members who demonstrate a commitment to the core purpose of the District.
  • Community and Family Engagement: We believe that parents and the community are essential contributors in the achievement of our goals.
  • Climate: We operate in a climate of respect, honesty and hard work, recognizing the need to be adaptable and open to change.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: We are fiscally responsible in the management and expenditure of all District resources.
  • Decision Making: We rely on best practices research to guide our decision-making.

Longfellow Education Goals

Longfellow has developed a Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP) that supports the District’s Goals and Strategic Objectives. The LRSP targets a broad spectrum of goals including academic, behavioral, safety and community engagement. Academic goals have been developed for Longfellow at each grade level in the areas of math, reading, writing and science.

The School LRSP is on line at www.bsd7.org. Parents and other interested individuals are encouraged to visit the district site and become familiar with district and site goals.

Parents are invited to discuss Longfellow’s LRSP, its vision and building goals with their child’s teacher and/or the building principal, Randy Walthall.

Guidelines For Success

Student success is paramount in our school community. Success in school and life depends on our ability to solve problems. The Longfellow staff has developed these Guidelines for Success to help our students recognize character traits that help them solve problems and foster a sense of community. At Longfellow, students, parents, and staff are expected to model the Longfellow CARES attitude.

  • Cooperates: Individuals make choices to work together for the good of all.
  • Accepts: We accept the unique qualities and attributes of one another and we accept responsibility for our actions.
  • Respect: We respect the human dignity of each individual. We respect the right of teachers to teach, students to learn, and we respect the resources and property available to us at school.
  • Encourages: We challenge and motivate others to do their best and be successful.
  • Shares: We look for ways to include others in what we do.

Special Services

Longfellow Elementary School currently provides special education services for students with disabilities. An Individual Education program (IEP) is developed for each eligible student. Goals are written to meet the individual needs of students. These goals are implemented in the general education classroom, resource room, speech clinician’s office and/or school psychologist’s office.