114 North Rouse
Bozeman, MT 59715

Website: http://ha.bsd7.org/

A School With An Arts-Driven Curriculum

Hawthorne School has a vision. Since being designated as a Model School for the Integration of the Arts in 1991, the dedicated staff has been working to make that vision a reality. Powerful art encounters are at the core of all subject areas. The works of master artists in the performing and visual arts serve both as the impetus for introducing basic concepts and for enhancement of curricular themes. Hawthorne’s continued success with an arts-driven curriculum is made possible through the dedication and creativity of the principal and staff members, along with support from the Bozeman community.

Hawthorne School has been part of this university community of 35,000 since at least 1896 and the school has occupied the “new” building since it was built in 1939. This public school is located near downtown Bozeman and has an enrollment of approximately 325. An outdoor sign flanked by giant crayons greets members of the school and the community at large. The gymnasium, which includes a stage, serves both as an auditorium and dance studio. It also provides a facility for different workshops. The school’s “Art Room” is a creative workspace where everything from simple sketches to intricate clay projects are produced. Visitors often express a sense of awe at the framed artwork as they walk down the school corridors. Their reaction to these creative works is testimony to the emphasis on quality product of a committed arts-driven curriculum.

An “art smart” student population is made possible through the commitment and dedication of all staff. These teachers believe that a rich background in the arts develops a greater capacity for human understanding and creative problem solving. Artists-in-residence have provided opportunities for students to benefit from instruction in a variety of art forms, such as mime, drama and Shakespeare workshops, in addition to jewelry making, weaving, and pottery. The artist-in-residence program is supported by volunteers and members of a school/community partnership who, in turn, weave their strengths into the children’s education.

Mission Statement

The Hawthorne community is dedicated to the mission of providing an artistically rich environment for every student, with powerful arts and academic encounters at the core of all curricular areas and arts disciplines.

Our Philosophy

The staff at Hawthorne believes that a rich background in the arts develops a greater capacity for human understanding and creative problem solving.

The Big Picture: Student Success

  • The arts enchance learning by giving opportunities for creative problem-solving, while serving as a tool for human understanding.
  • The best learning occurs when the mind sees relationships and patterns: an integrated curriculum provides meaningful connections between subjects and ideas.
  • Humans have multiple intelligences that can best be addressed with an integrated approach.
  • Process, product, and presentation are equally important.

Student Goals

Every Hawthorne student will strive to become:

  • A quality producer
  • An effective team member
  • A positive, responsible citizen
  • A competent communicator
  • A creative, productive thinker and decision-maker
  • A motivated, life-long learner
  • An aesthetically aware individual
  • A compassionate, flexible person

Program Goals

  • Help each child to become aware of his or her unique gifts and talents, while fostering respect for the strengths of others
  • Increase student artistic literacy
  • Respect the integrity of the arts and provide a balance of literacy, visual, musical, and performing art experiences
  • Utilize arts organizations and promote community partnerships to celebrate and provide assistance for the Hawthorne Arts
  • Explore the relationship between the arts and each curriculum area


  • Professional Artists
  • Committed Volunteers
  • Caring and Devoted Staff
  • Involved Parents
  • Supportive Administration
  • Local Businesses
  • Stakeholders