Bozeman, Montana Real Estate Blog  – Bozeman keeps making the “Top 10” lists of national publications that specialize in everything from business to skiing. For those of us lucky enough to call Bozeman home, we don’t need to read a magazine article to verify what we already know: There is no better place to call home.

Here Our Top 10 Reasons Bozemanites Love Bozeman:


  1. Community: Bozeman is a friendly town, and welcomes people who decide to move here. The “vibe” is low-key, unpretentious, with relationships formed on who you are, what your passions are, not the university you attended or the country club you have been a member of. There are innumerable ways to get involved and immersed in the community due in no small part to countless non-profits focused on Conservation, Health, Culture, Schools, Social Issues, and the Outdoors. This is a community that comes together and celebrates life, with public events like the Farmer’s Market, State Fair, Sweet Pea Festival, Music on Main, and the Christmas Stroll.

Gallatin Valley, Montana

  1. Public Schools: We are first and foremost a university town. Montana State University supplies Bozeman with vibrancy, optimist youth, great jobs, football games, rock concerts, and much more. The community supports education, passing bonds to build new schools and fund existing ones. Bozeman High School consistently ranks as the top high school in Montana and one of the tops in the United States. Our K-8 schools receive national awards.


  1. Safety: Most folks in Bozeman don’t bother locking their doors. Crime is rare and generally between people who know each other. According to published data, on a violent crime scale of 1 as the lowest and 100 at the top, Bozeman scores a 14. Many Bozemanites read the Bozeman Daily Chronicle just to chuckle over the police reports, with reports of bears in trees or cows getting loose.


  1. A Robust Economy: Bozeman has been cited as the second fastest growing small town in America. Tech companies are moving here, lead in part by Oracle buying out Right Now Technologies. There are start-ups, think tanks, and opportunities.


  1. The lifestyle that Comes with the Great Outdoors: Bozeman is an active town and always ranks as the 1st or 2nd “healthiest” communities in America. Hiking, rock and ice climbing, fly fishing in Blue Ribbon streams and rivers, skiing two renown ski areas, biking–you name it, Bozeman embraces it if it gets you outdoors and maintaining your health. It’s been named as one of the best towns in the nation to live for the access to the outdoors.


  1. Two Words: Dog Friendly! Dogs are Bozeman’s top accessory and family member. We have several dog parks, tons of trails crisscrossing 4 major mountain ranges, and everyone smiles and wants to pet each other’s dogs Downtown.

Bozeman Dog Friendly

  1. Great Work/ Life Balance: Men’s Journal mentioned in one of their articles more about Bozeman’s work-life balance. “Some companies even have powder- and fishing-day clauses written into their employment contracts. It’s understood that this is why you’re here.” People who live in Bozeman have work-hard, play-hard down to a science. 14% of residents walk or bike to work every day. Now that’s a commute that’s hard to forget!


  1. Access to National and State LandsYellowstone National Park is a little over an hour from Bozeman! Lewis and Clark Caverns and Grand Teton National park aren’t too far either. 34% of Montana is publically owned land. Entire books are written on the hiking trails in and around Bozeman.  All live water is publically owned and accessible for fishing, kayaking, and recreation.


  1. Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport: BZN, as it is referred to, is Montana’s busiest airport and adding on non-stop flights all the time. Bozeman has great access for a town its size. And you usually see someone you know on a flight coming or going.

Bozeman Airport

  1. Food-Glorious Food! If you’re looking for good food in Bozeman, get your fork and knife ready. Downtown Bozeman has varieties for every kind of taste buds.  Everything from new-age Italian at Blackbird, to deep-fried Sushi at Dave’s, to amazing burgers at Open Range. Bozeman also has plethora of delicious breakfast spots including Jam, The Western Cafe, The Storm Castle, and Sola to name a few. There’s also a world-class wine bar, Plonk, and microbreweries galore. There is also no shortage of beer in this town! Bozeman has breweries downtown, with upfront views of the mountains, and you can even take your dog to Mapped Brewing!