2017 Bozeman Real Estate Market Report

2017 Bozeman Real Estate Market Report – 2017 was a Boom Time for Bozeman, Montana, real estate transactions.

The 2016 downturn is all but forgotten as closed transactions reached—and in some areas exceeded—levels set in the strong 2015 market. As Bozeman population continues to increase, with job growth trending upward and unemployment downward, the pressure on home and land inventory levels remains a constant concern.

We are in the midst of a Seller’s Market but with caveats: First, and foremost, a home priced at or slightly below-market price will normally sell within days unless it requires major renovation. A seller hoping to capture a price even slightly above the market price will experience push-back, with their Days on Market (DOM) more than likely extended.

Buyers are more informed than ever.

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