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Be Wary of Fall Home Maintenance Scams

When autumn arrives, many homeowners prepare their homes for cooler weather by hiring specialists to clean and make repairs. Be mindful of cons during this time of year – scammers use this opportunity to swindle homeowners out of thousands of dollars for unnecessary work. Be wary of these four scams typically advertised during the fall…

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What’s outside your backdoor right now?

What’s outside your backdoor right now, as Spring eases into early Summer? Peonies and iris blooming? Aspen trees velvet green with leaves shimmering in the gentle breezes? How about soon-to-be-momma elks? The grass is lush, they are feeling protected and happy, and in a few days little baby elk ears will be peeking up above…

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Common Myths about Appraisals in the Home-Buying Process

A few words from David S. Bunton, the President of The Appraisal Foundation: At The Appraisal Foundation, we often encounter misperceptions about the appraisal process in real estate transactions – from how an appraisal is ordered and carried out, to the type of communication permitted with appraisers. As a result, we have compiled the most…

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Meeting Buyer Demands in a Seller’s Market: Top Trends for 2014

(BPT)—With many real estate industry watchers predicting 2014 will be a seller’s market, you may think you won’t need to do much to sell your home this spring. Not so fast—while more buyers are likely to be competing for homes, that doesn’t mean they’re willing to settle for less than perfect. In fact, coming out…

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Summertime Camping in the Beartooths

Summer in Montana! And what is better than enjoying the wondrous beauty of this vast and majestic state! Much of Montana is publicly held lands, either National or State Forest and wilderness areas. One could spend a lifetime hiking and exploring Montana and barely scratch the surface. This past weekend, my son Lex and I…

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Why Stage Your Home?

First impressions are oftentimes lasting ones. Sometimes, the only ones. This is especially true when a prospective Buyer is touring your home. Buyers sense within the first few minutes whether your property resonates with them. If your home meets their basic criteria of price, location, size and style, what can you do to help prevent…

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