3525 South 3rd Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715

Website: http://sms.bsd7.org/

The middle schools serve as a bridge between the elementary and the high school experiences. While challenging students to master the fundamentals of academic education and to develop self-motivation and self-discipline, the middle schools recognize the unique needs of pre and early adolescents and strive to meet those needs by providing a balanced program of academics, exploratory opportunities, social interaction, and self-discovery during this transitional time. In order to accomplish this, the schools use interdisciplinary teams of approximately 125 students, and an advisory program where students meet with one teacher throughout the school year. Guidance counselors, teachers, and administrators are available throughout the year to assist in registration or other concerns about the school program.

Sacajawea Middle School is a grade six through eight middle school in Bozeman, Montana, that has been educating students since 1996. We seek to develop the best possible educational setting for our students while recognizing the unique needs of early adolescence. Our goal is to provide appropriate academic challenge for all students, the support necessary for individual success, and an on-going zest for learning. We know that students learn best in an environment that is accepting, respectful and nurturing; thus, we build our school community on positive relationships among all members.

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