What is the climate in Bozeman?

Bozeman’s climate is considered “Moderate” for the Northwestern Rocky Mountains. There are definitely 4 seasons here and each is beautiful. Our particular location is actually considered a margin zone between the wetter coastal climes and the more stable canadian cool air masses to the north. The result is a dynamic range from clear summer days with occasional fantastic mountain lightning storms in the late summer.
We do usually experience snow from late October until March or early April. By no means even close to the amount of snow the midwest receives, however enough to supply our ski hills with plenty of fun. Temperatures hover in the mid to low 20’s for most of the winter and can dip below zero or get into the 50’s on occasion.
Springtime is quite special here when for a magical 4-6 weeks, the valleys are a lush flowered green while mountains are still wearing there snowy crowns.
Summers are delightful, rarely reaching above the mid 90’s and rarely below 65, so we have great camping, hiking and fishing weather from April well into late September.