Why Sally Uhlmann?

Sally-Uhlmann-SU-Platinum-Properties-BozemanThere’s a reason to contact me when it comes to buying or selling quality real estate in the Bozeman area of Gallatin Valley, Montana. I personally own a good deal of Bozeman property and have been involved in numerous and successful real estate transactions, the building of luxury homes, designing interiors, and landscaping yards. I know the eco-systems, flavors, and attributes (as well as pitfalls) of the varied areas comprising Bozeman neighborhoods.

As your agent, I begin by listening to your needs, parameters, and desires, then help navigate you to a successful conclusion. There are as many aspects involved in creating and preserving value as there are elements that define “home.” I pride myself on providing clients with excellent service, honest assessments and information, continuous updates, and a commitment to respect and guard your time and money while minimizing your risk and stress. Buying or selling a property represents a large investment, and my qualifications, experience, and knowledge will help negotiate the best possible deal for you.

I have years of business experience, with an emphasis on designing, marketing, and leading companies to profitability and success. While still a teenager in San Francisco, I designed clothing for performers and major recording artists. At Antioch College, In Yellow Springs, Ohio, I opened my first retail store, the Purple Rabbit, and utilized local farm women to sew one-of-a-kind garments. I moved to Ibiza, Spain, and traveled the middle east and Asia, importing clothing to United States retailers. By the age of 24, I was back in the United States, forming Salaminder, my designer clothing company that began with Western Wear and then evolved into high fashion.

I moved Salaminder, and a number of families, to Kansas City in the mid-70s, where I opened my third retail store and began wholesaling nationally. I worked on roller skates for 16 years and built a company that had 1,400 active accounts including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Harrods in London when I sold it in 1990. During the process, I fell madly in love with my husband Robert. We still feel the same, and feel so fortunate to be with each other.

After selling Salaminder, I was going to retire, and raise our children along with 3-Day Event horses on our ranch outside of Kansas City. Instead, within a year I joined up with Beth Cross and Pam Parker to launch Ariat International, an equestrian boot company. Ariat just recently sold to the Gap. It remains an exceptional company, in no small thanks to Beth Cross.

Since 2003, my family and I have enjoyed life in Montana. Daughter Anya did remain in Kansas City, where she is happily married and mothers my two grandsons. Throughout my life, there are constants: loving my family, friends, and community, enjoying trekking to remote places in the world, being involved in non-profits, gardening, and always cooking. Most of my clients end up at my house, enjoying fine wine and dining on organic vegetables straight from the garden, eggs from our chickens, and sunsets that rival any in the world. In my opinion, there is no place better than Bozeman, Montana.

I look forward to meeting you in person. Give me a call!