Legal Matters

The state of Montana is known as Big Sky Country, the Treasure State and “The Last Best Place.” To many, it’s also the last vestige of America’s wild frontier. The distinctive qualities of this state are not limited to its physical landscape, however. Sally and her team are well aware that Montana real estate laws are, many times, unique to Montana. Just because one of our clients from Georgia or Texas happens to be a real estate maven in their own state, they may not be prepared for the particular and sometimes complicated nuances of Montana Real Estate law. This is why we always recommend that our clients obtain local legal counsel to insure there are no unexpected surprises in any real estate transaction.

Gallatin County and the Bozeman are undergoing dramatic growth. This new expansion in the community is accompanied by continual changes in zoning and land use laws. Many areas are without zoning regulations, while other areas have highly restrictive covenants in place. For property buyers, there may be utility issues, density matters, and a myriad of other details that could throw the proverbial monkey wrench into a new property owner’s desire to utilize his or her land.

Caveat emptor – Buyers Beware – is a phrase most new property owners dread hearing, particularly when discovering that dividing large tracts of land can be problematic, and in some cases, impossible. Water rights, floodplains, and even mineral rights are all considerations and an important part of the due diligence prior to purchasing a property in Montana

Sally’s knowledge and familiarity with the Bozeman and Gallatin Valley community will help us guide our clients through a number of these processes, answering questions, resolving issues before they become problems, and alleviating the stress of maneuvering through the laws and restrictions of a new region.
We are well-versed on local real estate and land-use issues and literally know the lay of the land. Our expertise will help insure that you are fully aware of any potential problems prior to making any offer on a property. With the full backing of the PureWest | Christie’s real estate network, Sally and her team have a fine-tuned awareness of the evolving landscape of Gallatin Valley regulations and potential pitfalls for land owners.

However, it is both wise and prudent to consult with a local real estate lawyer. We will provide you with a list of Bozeman-based lawyers who can explain and clarify the procedures in dealing with the city or county on a variety of issues that can impact a property transaction, ranging from altering zoning to understanding covenants and regulations. Legal counsel may also bring up other areas for new property owners to consider prior to purchase.
Sally and her team is committed to see that every legal detail of your transaction is addressed in a thorough and profession manner and with your best interests in mind.