About Bozeman

What Sally loves about Bozeman
…you will too!

I admit it: I’m unabashedly in love with the community of Bozeman and living in the Gallatin Valley. I relocated from Kansas City in 2004. But my family and I now consider ourselves not only committed Montana residents, but very active and enthusiastic “Bozemanites.”

I want to share some of our favorite things about Bozeman which will, if you’re unfamiliar with the breathtaking Big Sky country, encourage you to want to learn more before making a decision to move here. I’ve included links below as I talk about our favorites so you may discover more on your own!

There are many things about this community that have enriched our lives and the lives of our friends and families. We have to warn you in advance: falling in love with Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley is habit-forming!

The beauty of the natural landscape… is remarkable. The gorgeous sunsets and awe-inspiring vistas have attracted painters and photographers to Bozeman from all over the world. But even the greatest artists can’t fully evoke the sense of freedom, space and majestic beauty of this truly remarkable place.

The sense of community values… that so positively enhance the Bozeman community that our children left elite private schools after our move to Bozeman and enrolled in the excellent public school system where they not only thrived, but went on to excellent colleges.

The comfort of a real “town”… still exists in the fine shops and restaurants in historic downtown Bozeman. The ubiquitous “chain” store doesn’t exist downtown, in favor of independently-owned retail shops with distinctive style and very personal service. (There are many big box stores, though, along the 19th Street corridor.)

We encourage you to peek into places like Lily Lu’s (the best children’s clothing shop in the world as far as I am concerned) or the Country Bookshelf, a true independent bookstore brimming with wonderful books written by talented local authors and the finest writers of non-fiction, fiction, poetry and cookbooks.

Davis Torres offers fabulous antiques and artisan-made furnishings, and Meridian stocks an array of wonderful, tasteful clothing. For the teenager (or the young-at-heart), there’s Miss Zula’s and Root to investigate for the latest in fashion-forward styles. At the other end of the spectrum, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts will be drawn to the Powder Hornand Bozeman Angler and for those who are passionate about skiing and mountain biking, The Chalet and Bangtail. And so many other specialty shops for every other interest, from cooking to crafts. Bozeman even boasts a wine bar and a real New York-style delicatessen.

The arts are alive and thriving in Bozeman!… We enjoy living among the many gifted artists and authors who also make Bozeman their home and contribute to the vital cultural life here. Downtown Bozeman has no less than four excellent art galleries and the monthly Art Walk during the summer, – held on the second Friday of each month – attracts a lively group of collectors, artists, students and fans of the visual art scene. The Emerson Center for Arts and Culture is one of this community’s finest assets, featuring artist studios, exhibitions and a wide range of events. There’s even more art to discover in nearby Livingston, Montana, the home of the Livingston Rodeo – a must-do for anyone interested in a true Western experience.

Just as it would be in any metropolitan area, the cultural community… is an integral part of the dynamic lifestyle in Bozeman. It’s a small city, but still offers the advantages of big city style with the Bozeman Symphony, under the direction of the talented Matthew Savery, and Intermountain Opera Association. For theater lovers, there’s Montana’s Shakespeare in the ParksMontana Theatreworks and Broadway in Bozeman, as well as smaller live stage venues and the imaginative productions staged by up-and-coming performers at the Montana State University Theatre Department. Cinephiles will find all the newest film releases at the two multi-screen movie theaters as well as a historic downtown theater.

Bozeman retains the most welcoming quality of a small town… and yet it is also home to Montana State University and an excellent medical community includingBozeman Deaconess Hospital. Our community includes all the amenities that make life easy and comfortable: a new library in the heart of downtown and a variety of hotels, florists, dentists, lots of coffee shops and the excellent On the Rise Bakery for breads as fine as you’ll find in any cosmopolitan city. Gallatin Field Airport is convenient and charming with great service via United, Delta, Northwest and Horizon/Alaska Airlines.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle has reported the local news since 1883 and is now owned by the Seattle-based Pioneer Newspapers, Inc. The paper covers local, regional, national and world news, but we’re particularly fond of reading the local police reports. It’s nice to know that a horse running loose on Cottonwood Road is the big news of the day in Bozeman. Make sure you visit the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce

We love the outdoors and the opportunity to be outside… participating in the sports that draw so many visitors to this region. We are very close to two major ski areas, hiking and biking trails, national forests, Blue Ribbon fly fishing and kayaking rivers, and prime areas for hunters.

Bozeman residents are active nature and animal lovers; they eagerly bike and camp, snow shoe and explore the beautiful natural landscape. Yellowstone National Park is an hour away; so are the Big Sky and Moonlight Basin ski areas. Bridger Bowl is only twenty minutes from Bozeman and offers a community ski hill feel with some of the most challenging ski terrain in its backcountry. There’s always something to see and do outdoor in Bozeman, in every season.

We love Bozeman’s Schools and Public Library… Bozeman’s schools are above par compared to most U.S. public schools. As a matter of fact, Sally transferred her kids from elite private schools into Bozeman Senior High where they thrived and went on to great colleges. The Bozeman School District consists of multiple schools, click to read more.

Bozeman has a amazing new Public Library , one of the best new small town library facilities in the Northwest. This “green” building was just recently finished and offers an Art Walk, Coffee Shop, Convention Room, an excellent Children’s Department, and automated checkout services all in a beautiful new building downtown.

We love the laid-back lifestyle of Bozeman… At Black Tie events, jeans are still always acceptable. This is a community that readily embraces newcomers; there are transplants from all over the world who love living here because they have chosen to be here. People love to entertain, have fun, and get involved in one or more of the many arts, educational and community organizations located here.

In fact, I’d love to introduce you to Bozeman… and have you become part of this vibrant, thriving community. There’s no other place like it under the Big Sky.