Children and Arts in Bozeman

My Darling and I visited the newly reopened Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam today. Ten years of restoration, and what a triumph. One of the things that has captured my attention on this trip is how European school children are enraptured by art and music. Through out the entire museum, groups of children sat on the floor…

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Voyager One has left the Solar System!

Every so often, it is good to reflect. Amongst the threat of war, massive floods, an economy still struggling, and various celebrities behaving miserably, it’s easy to overlook a monumental achievement and milestone: Voyager One has officially left the solar system!   America is exceptional, and this is proof positive. Voyager One was launched September…

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Sharing: Portrait of a Kendama Sensei

If you are connected to me, then you know my two sons are involved with Kendama. Since 2009, when Sam graduated high school at Bozeman High, he and older brother Lex have been building their business, Kendama Co. Here is a video sent to me from Sam this evening. This is filmed, produced, etc. by…

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Gallatin Valley Land Trust’s “An Evening on the Land”

This weekend, Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT), held its annual gala “An Evening on the Land” at Debbie Butterfield and John Buck‘s ranch off Cottonwood Road in Bozeman, Montana. What a night! And what a celebration of this Valley and the efforts to insure the land is as protected as it can be, all things…

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Summertime Camping in the Beartooths

Summer in Montana! And what is better than enjoying the wondrous beauty of this vast and majestic state! Much of Montana is publicly held lands, either National or State Forest and wilderness areas. One could spend a lifetime hiking and exploring Montana and barely scratch the surface. This past weekend, my son Lex and I…

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Summertime in Bozeman!

There are few things as special and fulfilling than spending time with the people you love, in a place as beautiful as Bozeman. My children and I absolutely welcomed this wonderful distraction at The Uhlmann house and were reminded of how great it is to be surrounded by such incredibly special people, spending actual time.…

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My Boys are Coming to Town!

My Boys are Coming to Town, hope you can stop by! Don’t know what a Kendama is?… Come find out, it is one of our hottest selling toys for kids age 7 – adult. The Kendamaco Pros will be here to show us their moves! Sunday, July 21 10:00am- 12:00pm at Great Rocky Mountain Toy…

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Bozeman Summers are Paradise!

There’s no place I’d rather be than Bozeman in the Summer. It’s paradise, and it’s fun. Take this past weekend—it began Friday morning, early, with Condi Rice and Peter Zazofsky arriving at our home in order to practice Beethoven. Most of you know Condi, but Peter is equally famous in the world of musicians. A…

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Precious Peonies

There are truly beautiful and rare things in life such as the yellow peonies now, briefly, blooming in my yard. Years ago, while living in Kansas City, I did a road trip to Maryville, Missouri, and spent an afternoon with Mr. Hollingsworth, arguably one of America’s finest peonies growers. At that time, he was perfecting…

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Fourth of July Traditions

Hope you all enjoyed the Fourth of July and a long weekend! Kippy Sands and husband, Dave, kicked it all off with their annual Fourth of July party. This was their 37th year! Folks of all ages, plus hot dogs and fireworks. What a tradition.