Say NO to Limestone West TIMBER SALE

Eagle Rock Reserve | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. We Montanans need to heed our past when it comes to our natural resources. We do not have to look far to be reminded of mining and timber concerns leaving us with forests that cannot regenerate, the Berkeley pit and the largest environmental Superfund…

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PureMontana Magazine | 2016

2016 Cover

See Press Release HERE: PureMontana Magazine

Tidbit: Bald Eagles at Black Bull

Bald Eagle at Black Bull | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

There are so many reasons Bozeman is a special community. Less than a week ago, a sudden Spring storm hit us hard with over a foot of heavy, wet snow in places (including my property). The snow took out tree limbs, mangled flowers, and left the Valley carpeted in white. Now, it has melted and…

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The Dough on Bozeman

Wild Crumb | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

For starters, I’m a dedicated consumer of bread and flour-based foods, the polar opposite of a gluten-free person. The smell of fresh baked bread makes my stomach grumble and mouth water. My travel photos contain an inordinate amount of pastry close-ups. Cookies make my toes curl. I will drive miles out of my way to…

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The technology side of Bozeman


Matthew Kosinski, online editor for Recruiter.com, wrote a great piece based on the information provided by FlexJobs.com, on best places for telecommuting. Montana, and Bozeman specifically, have been often referred to as “the best place for tech start-ups” because of all the technology companies based here and the numbers of telecommuters. In 2011, Christina Desmarias,…

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Glam-er or Scam-er

It’s seven o’clock, Friday night, and I receive a frantic voice message from my Executive Assistant saying that a very wealthy buyer is ready to write a buy-sell offer on one of Schlauch Uhlmann Platinum Properties’ higher priced listings. I’ve just logged a ten-plus-hour day and am preparing dinner. The downside of today’s thriving real…

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Cow-a-Bunga! | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

It’s hard to know the exact moment when something evolves from being an anomaly to gaining “trend” status, and even more difficult to determine why, suddenly, something is so in-the-moment-wanted. This is especially true when it involves cows and real estate. Cows? At Platinum Properties, we’ve noted a trend. It’s beyond an isolated request or…

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Defining Normal

We live in a world of surveys and data, of charts and talking heads, of people assuring us that they are experts and know their information is accurate. As all things are measured and weighed, questioned and compiled, we wonder: Is there an anticipated normal in life? Real estate is no exception. Platinum Properties continually…

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Out Bargaining Yourself

My 26 year old son Lex has always loved bargaining. Trips to Mexico are not about the beaches but rather about haggling over pesos at a market stall. He equally enjoyed negotiating with Tibetan traders in the Nepali hill towns of Khumjung and Namche Bazaar, caring little for the trinket he bartered over but more…

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Buy, Remodel or Build? Part One.

Some decisions in life are easy and relatively painless. There are people who fall in love at first sight, others who know from childhood exactly what they wish to pursue as a career, and still others who see possibilities while their friends and families note barriers and caution there are extreme challenges. We constantly make…

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