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Address: 4940 Stucky Road Bozeman, MT 59715


Kevin Haggerty Drilling, Inc. established in 1978, is based out of beautiful Bozeman, MT. We specialize in water well drilling but are proud to provide a variety of other drilling and pump services. Our general service area is anywhere within 100 miles of Bozeman, including but not limited to Bozeman, Belgrade, Gallatin Gateway, Big Sky, West Yellowstone, Manhattan, Livingston, Paradise Valley, Three Forks and White Sulphur Springs. We own and operate three drilling rigs and a pump truck. The D-25 Drilltech is the smaller of our two air rotary rigs and comes in handy when we have to drill in tight spots. Our larger drilling rig is a Foremost DR-24, a unique and powerful machine. It is a dual air rotary rig capable of installing steel casing in deep holes and can be used to pull that steel casing back out. This makes the DR-24 ideal for drilling public water supply and monitor wells. We also have an old cable rig that we use in special situations. Our Pump Truck has a crane that rotates 360 degrees, rather than a traditional mast. This allows us more flexibility in where we can set up the truck to install and remove pumps from wells. Quick Tips: Water quality & quantity varies greatly in our area, depending on location, especially as you get up into the foothills and mountains. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee either water quality or quantity. We would be happy to help you find a suitable location for your well, but the owner or owner’s representative will ultimately be responsible for picking the final well location. If you have determined that it may be difficult or questionable to find adequate water on your property, we recommend drilling the well before you start construction on your new home. Our drilling rigs are quite heavy and large. Please consider this when choosing your well location. At each well site we must set up both a drilling rig and support truck. Each one will require an area approximately 30 X 10 ft. Because the drill rig is top heavy, access to the drilling site and the drilling site itself must be fairly level. No one wants to see a drilling rig on its side! It is ideal to leave access to the well site in case we need to work on it again in the future. We are required by Montana State Law to leave your well casing at least 18” above ground level. We understand this can be a bit of an eyesore, but while disguising this eyesore please keep well access in mind. Don’t plant a tree or build a structure above or too close to your well. It may hamper our ability to service your well and pump. Your well should be 10 feet from any property line. Wells must be 50+ ft from any septic tanks and 100+ feet from any drain fields, replacement drain fields and mixing zones. This includes your neighbors systems. We recommend you check with the Environmental Health Office to determine where your well should be located in regard to the septic system. In many subdivisions this is predetermined. When designing your house it is helpful to locate the access to the pressure tank where it is easily serviced. Please remember to provide access for the waterline and UF wire to come into your foundation or crawlspace; it certainly makes our job easier, more efficient and therefore more cost effective.