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BBI Inspections Inc. is locally owned and operated in Bozeman. As a certified senior inspector with the American Institute of Inspectors. Darren has a vast amount of experience within the inspection profession. Growing up with a father who started his career as a third generation builder, Darren has had the privilege of being involved in many different facets of the construction and assessment industry. From 1999 until 2005 Darren traveled the United States, including Alaska investigating, assessing, and estimating repairs to structures for a Fortune 500 Corporation. From this experience, he was able to a gain a vast knowledge of many different building methods and materials, as well as working with everyone from licensed PE Engineers and Architects to building officials. In 2005 Darren created BBI Inspections Inc. based out of Bozeman, Montana. Since 2005, Darren has completed several thousand property inspections/assessments in SW Montana. Meeting many special clients along the way, Darren feels very blessed to have had the opportunity to have worked with everyone from multi generation Montana natives, business owners, to people moving their life and family to Montana for the first time. Since the creation of BBI Inspections Inc., Darren has also been involved as a subcontractor role in energy analysis, weatherization and building science development. From these past experiences, along with the many assessments completed in SW Montana, Darren is continually further educating himself. Darren is a firm believer that there is always something else to be learned within the inspection/building industry. Currently Darren is strongly involved in a continuing education program as part of his multiple Inspection certifications on an annual basis. With knowledge and experience, your peace of mind will be at ease knowing that your property purchase has been inspected by a highly qualified inspector. Trust BBI Inspections Inc. to protect your investment of a lifetime. As do most Montanans, Darren enjoys recreating in the beautiful outdoors. He enjoys the many outdoor activities Montana has to offer including hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, water skiing, snow skiing, snowshoeing, riding horses, and outdoor photography. If you are new to the area or just getting into a new hobby and are looking for a place to participate in one of the above activities, feel free to ask Darren for some information on where to go. Darren enjoys all Montana has to offer and so should you!