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Most people in the process of buying a home or commercial building recognize the value of obtaining an inspection prior to purchase. But to spite warnings from experts, 75% of all buyers allow their realtors to choose and set up the inspection. In today’s real estate environment, it has never been more important for you to take an active roll in choosing your home inspector. Unfortunately, few realtors base their selection on inspector’s credentials, background or past performance but rather predictability or the good ole boy policy. API is not a member of the “Good ole’ boy network” nor do we participate in ‘pay-to-play’ or any other referral programs, that are considered a conflict of interest. Our referrals come from conscientious agents and satisfied clients who realize the importance of a truly thorough inspection. We will never sugar coat the condition of any deficiencies or compromise your inspection to get realtor referrals. You won’t find a local inspector with better credentials, background or track record to protect your family or investment. WE WORK ONLY FOR YOU! When choosing your inspector, keep in mind, over the past 12+ years API has been called on, several hundred times to inspect realtors personal properties, their family members and close personal friends, “because we are thorough”. But for the same reason, “our commitment to excellence and supplying clients the information they expect”… many of the same individuals choose to overlook us for their everyday clients. This is an important step in the purchase process and you are spending hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars. You deserve the most of your inspection. Insist On API or call us yourself. API is an independent company offering unmatched professional credentials, 35+ years construction, and inspection experience. We remain totally committed to providing our clients the highest quality inspections available. I will spend as much time as necessary to ensure your property is thoroughly inspected. We are one of Southwest Montana’s longest operating inspection companies, inspecting hundreds homes and commercial buildings every year.
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