Building Dream Home in Bozeman, Montana

Building Dream Home in Bozeman, Montana

“You see things and say,‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were and I say, ’Why not?” — George Bernard Shaw

What’s it like building your dream home in Bozeman, Montana? For many, the idea of actually committing to building the home of their dreams is too frightening and intimidating. Sally not only loves building homes, she’s followed her dreams and have been personally involved in numerous construction projects. Sally and the Platinum Team understand the process that begins with the basic concept of what one’s very personal dream home might be like to the exciting day when the home is finished and the moving truck arrives to begin unloading the furniture. This is a unique process that takes, generally, between 18 to 30 months, but it all begins with desire. For many of our clients, the opportunity to move to the Bozeman community is also the inspiration for creating a very distinctive and personal home exactly suited to their lifestyle and family requirements.

It’s not unusual that new transplants to Bozeman or even natives seeking to finally live in their dream setting, ask us to facilitate creating that special home, often starting by finding the ideal home site.

We will obtain copies of any covenants and connect you with proper legal representation to ensure that you can, indeed, build what you have in mind on that acreage.


If you wish, we can also assist our clients in selecting the right architect. Bozeman and the surrounding area is home to many world-renowned architects; in fact, the deciding factor won’t be finding an architect, but the one who will best interpret and create your vision of your dream house.

Through experience, we have discovered that many times the architect and the style of the house will also dictate the best possible builder for the project. Bozeman and Big Sky are currently in the midst of a building boom, and finding competent, reliable contractors and sub-contractors is not always a given or easy. Because of our own construction projects and our relationships within the building community, Sally and her team know many of the builders, project managers, and property managers in Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley. We are able to facilitate your project to whatever extent you would like our expertise. As an example, Sally built her first 10,000-square foot dream home in Bozeman while she was still living in Kansas City.

We have direct knowledge of what needs to be done to build a beautiful luxury home while living far from the building site. Instead of being a daunting process, it can be a pleasurable task if done with proper guidance and planning, hiring the right team, and having the project properly supervised.

Sally and the Platinum Team welcome the opportunity to help your dream become a reality! Below is a list of architects that we know, respect and, in many cases, have worked with ourselves, including links to their individual web sites.


Van Bryan Studio Architects – Van Bryan has worked as Sally’s chief architect on four major projects in the Bozeman area. He has the ability to listen to a client and then create something that actually goes beyond what the client imagined.

Jonathan Foote & Associates – Jonathan Foote also has an international reputation and has been hailed as one of the first innovative architects to utilize reclaimed and recycled wood in his designs. Although he is now retired, architect Paul Bertelli has very ably filled his legendary role at this firm.

Bitnar Architects – Thomas Bitnar is able to interpret many styles, from classical to contemporary.

Cikan Architects – Frank Cikan’s work is wonderful.

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