Eagle Rock Reserve

From Triple Tree, heading east, but still along the bordering Gallatin Range and national/state lands, is Eagle Rock Reserve. Accessed through Triple Tree or from Tayabeshockup Road off Kagy, Eagle Rock is another ranch that was divided-up into approximately 23 parcels of 20 acres each, with a number of acres being designated as “ranch” land. A planned horse and nature-lovers community, each homeowner has a 3-acre building envelope situated so that individual homes blend into the undulating hills, with the remaining 17 acres having easements for all Eagle Rock homeowners to use for recreational purposes. Wildlife abounds, and the views are spectacular. Horses are kept at a community barn, and a fulltime Ranch Manager performs a variety of jobs, including overseeing the haying and roads. Prices in Eagle Rock begin at the million dollar mark, and in keeping with each home being unique, the prices vary widely.Please contact Bozeman School District for confirmation of school zones or see our Schools page for details on each Bozeman school.

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