Fly Fishing with The President

Fly Fishing in Montana


Fly Fishing in Montana

I love it when the morning starts out drinking my Peet’s coffee and reading the Wall Street Journal, and there’s a story that I have a direct link to. Mostly it is Friday Journal and their Mansions section. On Feb. 18th, it was the Personal Section, and a story titled “What It Takes to Go Fishing With The President“. It is about Paradise Valley’s Dan Vermillion and what he hauls with him on his fishing trips.

I’ve had a multi-year friendship with Dan, made stronger by dear friend Betsey Quammen. She formed the Tributary Fund, a few years back, due to Dan’s trips to Mongolia and discussions on the endangered Taimen, a species of salmon. I was involved on a minor level in that wonderful organization.

Mostly, for me though, my connection with Dan comes through is incredible wife, one of the greatest women in the world, Lynn Donaldson. She’s ridiculously talented, lovely in all respects, and a lady I am happy to call a friend. I sure hope the day is good one for both Dan and Lynn due to this stellar publicity.