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Bozeman, Montana Real Estate Blog  – Bozeman keeps making the “Top 10” lists of national publications that specialize in everything from business to skiing. For those of us lucky enough to call Bozeman home, we don’t need to read a magazine article to verify what we already know: There is no better place to call home.…

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Skiing in Bozeman: Bridger Bowl vs Big Sky Resort

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Bozeman, Montana – Almost everyone in the world picks teams. From politics to football to soda, we love to argue and debate for the title of “best.” It’s a common behavior and way of knowing ourselves. We like to find favorites and then let everyone know why our choice is so great. There are common…

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It’s All About Relationships

725 S. Willson Bozeman Montana

Bozeman, Montana is experiencing a big surge in the real estate market, with closed transactions for luxury and high-end properties up by 147% from 2016 levels. This translates to low inventory levels, strong demand, and difficulty finding the exact right property for buyers. At the same time ready, willing, and able buyers are seeking their…

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Strangers in the Night

Gallatin River Preserve | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate | SU Platinum Properties

Blessing appear at odd moments. When touring properties with folks considering moving to Bozeman, I mention that along with Bozeman’s outdoors and lifestyle, it is the people who choose to be here (either full or part-time) that make this place so special. My dear Dad passed away a few days before Thanksgiving and so I…

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Bozeman’s Real Estate Market Report | 3rd Quarter 2016

3rd Quarter Market Report | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

(Read the full Bozeman Real Estate Market Report in flip below or download as a PDF.) The end of summer and beginning of fall is always a busy and exciting time in Bozeman for real estate, and as September draws to a close, it is obvious that lower price point properties continue to drive the…

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Bozeman’s Real Estate Market Report | 2nd Quarter 2016

Q1 Sold Res 2015 20166 | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

(Read the full Bozeman Real Estate Market Report in flip below or download as a PDF.) At the end of the 2nd Quarter 2016, the trend in upper end real estate in Bozeman, Montana continues to back off 2015 levels for closed transactions while inventory remains fairly constant. The market is dominated by transactions in…

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Say NO to Limestone West TIMBER SALE

Eagle Rock Reserve | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. We Montanans need to heed our past when it comes to our natural resources. We do not have to look far to be reminded of mining and timber concerns leaving us with forests that cannot regenerate, the Berkeley pit and the largest environmental Superfund…

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PureMontana Magazine | 2016

2016 Cover

See Press Release HERE: PureMontana Magazine

Tidbit: Bald Eagles at Black Bull

Bald Eagle at Black Bull | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

There are so many reasons Bozeman is a special community. Less than a week ago, a sudden Spring storm hit us hard with over a foot of heavy, wet snow in places (including my property). The snow took out tree limbs, mangled flowers, and left the Valley carpeted in white. Now, it has melted and…

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The Dough on Bozeman

Wild Crumb | Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

For starters, I’m a dedicated consumer of bread and flour-based foods, the polar opposite of a gluten-free person. The smell of fresh baked bread makes my stomach grumble and mouth water. My travel photos contain an inordinate amount of pastry close-ups. Cookies make my toes curl. I will drive miles out of my way to…

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