11330 Bridger Canyon, Bozeman, Montana


11330 Bridger Canyon, Bozeman, Montana This gorgeous Bridger Canyon horse property comes with an iconic Guardian Spirit—The Bridger Canyon Whale, a landmark considered the Guardian Spirit of Bridger Bowl skiers. The carved wooden whale reigns atop a 20-foot pole at the property’s entrance, just past the 11 Mile Marker on Bridger Canyon Road. Originally carved…

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8338 Goldenstein Bozeman, Montana

8338 Goldenstein Bozeman, Montana Looking for an ultra-cool, hip, small footprint home that is big on views, design, and urban lifestyle? Built in 2012, this brilliant 3-bedroom home is a collaboration between Bozeman’s renowned firm, Think Tank, and the owner, an engineer with international work experience that has influenced his aesthetics. State-of-the-art contemporary building materials…

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It’s All About Relationships

725 S. Willson Bozeman Montana

Bozeman, Montana is experiencing a big surge in the real estate market, with closed transactions for luxury and high-end properties up by 147% from 2016 levels. This translates to low inventory levels, strong demand, and difficulty finding the exact right property for buyers. At the same time ready, willing, and able buyers are seeking their…

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Spring Is Near!


Home Grown Daffodils = Happiness                   Sally Uhlmann | SU Platinum

Bozeman Real Estate Market Report | Spring 2017

Bozeman Real Estate Report - SU Platinum

Bozeman Real Estate Market Report | Spring 2017 Real estate in Bozeman has taken off like a runaway freight train. The skyrocketing sales are still very much tied to asking price and the condition of the property itself, but Bozeman’s 4.2% population increase in 2016, coupled with the stability of the economy and job market,…

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Luxurious Run-Ins


I just shared a hotel with a mass murderer — none other than notorious President Duterte of the Philippines, who willingly admits to shooting more than a hundred drug dealers and crime lords while he was the mayor of a town in the Philippines, not to mention all the executions he has ordered since becoming…

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Gardening in Montana

Gardening in Montana - Bozeman Real Estate

Spring is in the air, even with lingering snow. The tips of aspen trees are plump with budding leaves, spring bulbs are pushing through the ground, and gardeners are placing seed orders while tending to seedlings started indoors. By the time Montana’s short growing season commences, gardeners are bustling to make the most of the…

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The New York Times!

725 S. Willson Bozeman Montana

Check out our featured house in The New York Times! 725 Willson Ave. Click HERE.

5 Reasons to Move to Montana

Montana is “The Last Best Place” for good reason. There’s open space, big skies, and a sense of determined individuality and freedom. While many people dream about moving to Montana, the state’s population increase—about .8% annual growth– is average for the United States. In 2012, Montana finally surpassed a million in population, with only Alaska…

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Concerns of Bozeman, Montana Home Buyers

Are you considering buying a home in today’s Bozeman market? If so, you probably share many of the same concerns that other home buyers are experiencing. Whether you are a first-time millennial buyer or a seasoned high-end buyer, rising home prices tops the list. Competition between buyers for limited inventory is a close second. The…

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